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July 13, 2002
4:54 AM New layout! Something more summery (I guess). Its a just recruitment shop lady from wog3, she has no name, unless you count 상담원.. the thing that caught my eye was that she's one of Hyung-Tae's early scrapped designs for Sherazard. I edited her eyes to be turquoise, and hair to be less brown, took out all the background.. and played the guessing game of where it ended and she started, lots of work for just a little layout.. but was good!

New layout also up at Shivan Scimitar and tons new members (and most likely more to come)! Anyone who needs help with a particular battle in WOG just ask in DF and we can help with strategy (give a screen in case we don't remember the battle -- theres lots).

There's a fun powag event coming up tomorrow, I hope I can join in on it! I can expect more comedy golden.. Been laughing alot the past nights due to the peen bot's archiving! oho ho ho

Not much been happenin wif me, still trying to memorize hangul bettar.

July 2, 2002
4:30 PM n-n-n-n-nig it up!! Kapra HQ by Meifa is our RO guild home!

June 30, 2002
2:14 PM Ah the weather is gratee, if only my allergies would BEGONE! Last nite Dog and Mao went to Psychedelicatessen and some Improv. Canadian flavored comedy golden, with up and coming talent. The strawberry daiquiri was le unF tew.

Meif and Air are now getting their korean g-g-ggameezz, I must assist them in the fine art of ass kicking. But we going crazy waiting for FF11, Masa already ordered the HDDs for us *howls*

The Project Majestic Mix mp3s (thx to Kitten) and Ys Healing are helping mee wait. FF4 Into the Giant is my fave, and live Costa Del Sol. I dunno why I didn't get Ys Healing sooner, I recognize most of the songs now, and feel the need to rplay it on PC Engine.. but no timee.

WIIIIIIIING nig you better update me, remember I'm your broadcaster :X

Brie is crazy little emo kid from MI. Find her reading Harry Potter, or rockin' out to Weezer. Brie is 17 year old Leo and Witch. Brie speech sucks.

[x] Name: Brie
[x] Age: 17
[x] Born: August 7
[x] Sign: Leo
[x] Gender: Female
[x] Location: Chesterfield, MI
[x] AIM: Just the Brie
[x] E-mail: lolliyum
[x] Webpage: None
[x] Marital Status: Single
[x] RO: Maruha
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[x] Movie: Fight Club

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[x] Book / Novel: Harry Potter and the Golet of Fire
[x] Movie: Fight Club
[x] Band: Weezer
[x] Color: Pink, blue, black
[x] Candy: Milk Duds
[x] Harry Potter Character: Tom Riddle/Voldemort
[x] House: Slytherin

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