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[x] Name: Brie
[x] Age: 17
[x] Born: August 7
[x] Sign: Leo
[x] Gender: Female
[x] Location: Chesterfield, MI
[x] AIM: Just the Brie
[x] E-mail: lolliyum
[x] Webpage: None
[x] Marital Status: Single
[x] Mood: I'm feeling...
[x] Trait: sXe
[x] Art Archive: Deviantart
[x] Movie: Fight Club

[x] Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
[x] Movie: Fight Club
[x] Band: Weezer
[x] Color: Pink, black
[x] Candy: Skittles
[x] HP Character: Tom Riddle/Voldemort
[x] House: Slytherin

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* Platform 9 !
j Tom Marvolo Riddle
her name was marla singer
geek - rocker !

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I LUST AFTER RON I'm just a You-Know-Who at heart I support Slytherin!

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