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[ item.collections ]

Just for shits and giggles... a little collection of all my favorite items. ^_^

Brooch: Agi+2 from Obeaunes Cat Hairband: from Smokies Crystal Mirror: from Cosmetic Shop in Moroc Glass Slippers: Def+1 Mdef+5 Luck+5 (not implemented) Rouge: lipstick Tiara: Def+4 Int+2, MVP from Mistress Amulet: from Munaks, when used it will make someone dead undead Fin: from Obeaunes and Marcs Frozen Rose: a rose frozen with magic Horseshoe: from Nightmares Skyblue Jewel: from Obeaunes and Jewel Shop in Moroc Illusion Flower: MVP from Mistress A doll made after the image of Baphomet A doll made after the image of Osiris A doll made after the image of Poring A cotton doll A doll made after the image of Rocker A doll made after the image of a Spore A doll made after the image of Yoyo Aloe: from Metaller and Mandragora, a rare plant with curative properties Fresh blood: from Condor, taken from a slain animal Korean Porcelain: from Prontera Gift Shop Clover: from Fabre or Mandragora, a plant with three heart shaped leaves that blooms in June + July Conch: from Cornutus, sea shell Horn of Baphomet: from Baphomet, a symbol of great evil Feather: from Favre or Lunatic, very soft and light Four Leaf Clover: from Mandragora, is said to bring luck to the bearer Glass Bead: from Prontera Gift Shop, a toy for little boys Hinalle: from Rocker or Metaller, has mild curative properties and can leave one with a euphoria Orcish Voucher: from Orc Warrior, small sculputre considered to be a token by Orcs Violet Jewel: from Anacondaq, Snake, Pirate Skeleton, or Megalodon