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Swordsmen and Archers are undoubtedly the two most popular Ragnarok Online characters because of their abilities and the fact that they can get better equipment. But let's say that you want to be something else, and you're having a hard time figuring it out. Take this quiz to help character selction easier!

[1] Choose a weapon:
Mighty Staff.
Blood Axe.
Rapier or Hands.

[2] You're in the forest and suddenly there's an ogre sneaking around the tress. What do you do?
Hide and watch what others do.
Attack it with brute strength.
Release a slew of arrows at it.
Cast an elemental spell.
Offer it some Items to try and make a buck.
Sneak around and steal someting from it.
Heal those who are in battle.

[3] Whew! You just barely made it out of battle alive! Your HP are really low. So you...
I have no idea. I look for a Potion?
I use one of my stongest potions in secret. I'm too proud to let others know that I've lost some HP!
Quickly use a Potion and reload my bow. Just in case.
I'm strong in other forms of magic, so I'll have to just use a Potion.
I set up shop and attempt to sell goods to all my hurt party members! I forget about myself until next battle - oops.
I steal potions from others around me.
I heal myself with magic. Healing is my specialty!

[4] What's your favorite RO map?
I don't know any! WAAAAAA!
I'm comfirtable anywhere.
Mountain Region City, Payon.
City of Magic, Geffen.
Port City of Alberta.
Desert City, Morroc.
Capital City, Prontera.

[5] Oh, no! You've encountered an enemy! What one is it?
Let's keep it easy - a Poring.
Soldier Skeleton.
Archer Skeleton.
Fuck that. I'm settin' up shop!
A Scorpion.
I mainly heal, so I'd fight against a Poring.

[6] And finally, what Job Class would you want to have?
Novice - I'm such a n00b!
Swordsman - I can kick anyone's ass.
Archer - I'm quick and agile.
Magician - I am in tune with the Elements.
Merchant - I'd rather sell things and make a shit load of Zenny!
Theif - I lie, cheat, and steal to get my way.
Acolyte - I love to Heal with my Magic.

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Quiz made by _emohoe
Code adapted from Colleen’s Quiz Tutorial
Just for shits and giggles... my favorite RO items.